Friday, April 25, 2008


The right tools enable  you to make the process of painting more subservient to your creativety and content. many encaustic tools have been adopted/adapted from other fields and i am always on the lookout for new tools.  many encaustic painters use heat guns but there are those that swear by torches. a variety of palettes are also now available. sinopia who now owns kremer has two tools listed for the encaustic painter- a small iron and a metal, heated brush. i have just started working with these and so far, for my process, like the iron. not exactly a tool but necessary is the surface thermometer. the high  tech version of this- the laser thermometer- is fun to use and really works well (thank you bb & pr). correct plus or minus 2 degrees. instantly. it won't enhance your creativety  but will tell you how hot your painting is.

ps-upcoming workshops at silvermine guild arts center-
may 10, may 31 and june 21