Monday, December 29, 2008

Do you know Spenser Wells?

i should probably just call this blog "the process page" as those who read it know it is not just about encaustics. what is process anyway- "a system of operations in the production of something". ok. my process in the production of a painting  is: an idea, do research, collect materials, glue paper on to a panel, stencil letters, paint a layer of medium, begin to add imagery and layers-on and on. Spenser Wells follows the first three steps of my process but to collect his materials-samples of DNA-he travels around the world from australia to outer mongolia and beyond. maybe you saw his documentary or read his book titled The Journey of Man. he wants to trace our journey out of africa, to create a map that represents the range of human diversity, to learn where we came from and how we are all related. you too can be apart of this process by going to that gives you all the information to get your own kit and have your DNA tested. i am waiting for my results as i write this and plan to have my results added to the 100,000 samples they are trying to map.
a new year is almost here. what an amazing time we live in. whatever your process keep creating. happy new year!