Thursday, November 19, 2009

2010 Opportunities

two very different opportunities for 2010 have just been posted:

for the encaustic curious or user the 4th annual encaustic conference will be held in beverly, ma, just north of boston on june 11-13. talks, demos, vendors, panel discussions, etc. for all levels. i am pleased to be giving a demo on transfers. for info:

for the creative expression of feelings for those who fight cancer, are cancer survivors or care givers the 2010 lilly oncology on canvas competition is online at their website. of course, everyone who participates is a winner but the formal awards-in various categories-are monies donated to the cancer charity of the winners choice. after previewing in nyc, the exhibition tours the u.s. to raise awareness and hope.

"art should be like that mirror which reveals to us our own face" borges
and our own fate

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Subjects: British

i am always on the lookout for shows that feature artists from other countries. the Neuberger Museum of Art, part of SUNY, in Purchase, NY (right across the Ct border) has a good one titled British Subjects:Identity and Self-Fashioning 1967-2009. the show focuses upon several themes: how Britain has been changing as a country; different ways of expressing the self; and the eternal question "Who am I?". these themes are further broken down into categories such as family pictures, self-portraits by another and staged selves. many different media and techniques are used and there is informative text to go with the work. the show ends on december 13.
while there take a look at the new acquisitions show in the back room. some names i didn't recognize but many are familiar and there is one of the Starn twins photo/encaustic works along with one of their distressed/taped photos. usually i find most of their work pretty engaging but not that particular one-see what you think.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Process Page Picks

where do they come from, how are they realized? ideas. as a visual artist i am always curious how artists in other fields get ideas, create. there are two , current although very different documentaries now on DVD that show the creative process. It Might Get Loud puts The Edge, Jack White and Jimmy Page together in the same studio where they reflect, share ideas and jam. different generations, different outcomes but wonderful to listen to and experience their shared passion.
music is accessible to all, haute couture is not but in Valentino-The Last Emperor we get to view a passion for creating fashion for 45 years. how many dresses, gowns is that? from sketch to runway, stitching by hand to hair do's, private jets and yachts, ending with Valentino's 45 year retrospective, an event complete with fireworks. the future of haute couture may be limited and most probably don't care but this documentary gives us a glimpse at a very rarefied world and if you have ever tried sewing...sequins anyone.

"An idea is salvation by imagination" Frank Lloyd Wright

Friday, September 4, 2009

Exhibition photos

my show is up! (not the lighting yet). nerves, would it come together, all that stuff. thank you roger. there are six three foot square paintings and 24 twelve inch square paintings. here are a few shots. please take a look if in the area, the show is up through oct. 1.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


my desire to keep up with this blog got side-tracked by my computer being in the hottest room of the house and more importantly by all the painting i needed to do for my solo show. i thought i was so very organized and prepared but as time zoomed by i got side-tracked. side-tracked by a very different series of work combining encaustic with photography. many artists i have talked with recognize this phenomenon. the timing is terrible but the outcome can be great. you have your planned show to complete but your head is filled with this new stuff you want to investigate but there is not enough time to switch the whole thing over. so i did 5 paintings with the new combination and am now back to finishing my show. i still have a large painting to do, photos to take, titles-i better get to it-the show hangs next week.

Encaustic and mixed media paintings by Nash Hyon
Sept. 5-Oct.1, 2009
Reception-Sunday Sept. 13 from 4-6:00pm
Silvermine Guild Arts Center
New Canaan, CT
upcoming workshops listed on the silvermine web site

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tennis Anyone?

i don't play tennis because i have carpal tunnel and my hands can't take it but i like to follow the major competitions. watching the men's final of the French Open i was thinking how dedicated and hard working the top players must be. most started very young, play long hours and work hard on strength training during the off season. but there is something more-even the players with the best technique and strength don't always reach the top-so what is it-raw talent, reflexes, nerves?
as and artist, if  (plus i didn't start young) i spend more time working on my painting would that make me a better painter or just better with technique? if i am better with technique does that allow my mind to freely go to that place where the creative process resides? how does one become more creative? maybe there will be answers for these types of questions in the future. maybe some of you have some opinions.

P.S. the Third Encaustic Conference is this weekend. congrats to all who made it possible-especially Joanne-and i hope to see you all next year.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Vote Earth

i hope everyone will "VOTE EARTH" on march 28 and  turn off all your lights from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. this painting just happens to be called "seachange"- something that will happen if we don't address global warming now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Up & Coming

several items of interest you might want to take a look at. the first is Laura Moriarty's painting (?) process video at the R & F website or you tube and a different type of artist is portrayed in Man on Wire, an Oscar award winner for best documentary on Phillipe Petit the tightrope walker who walked across a steel cable between the World Trade Towers not just once but for 45 minutes! his story is quite amazing. there is another interesting story about the African artist El Anatsui in the New York Times who creates beautiful hanging paintings out of bottle caps. you might have seen one of his pieces at MAD.
i will be having a weekend encaustic workshop at Silvermine Guild Arts Center on March 13 & 14 for those who have basic encaustic skills. details on the Silvermine website. There will be more workshops offered this summer and i am also available for private workshops in my studio.