Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tennis Anyone?

i don't play tennis because i have carpal tunnel and my hands can't take it but i like to follow the major competitions. watching the men's final of the French Open i was thinking how dedicated and hard working the top players must be. most started very young, play long hours and work hard on strength training during the off season. but there is something more-even the players with the best technique and strength don't always reach the top-so what is it-raw talent, reflexes, nerves?
as and artist, if  (plus i didn't start young) i spend more time working on my painting would that make me a better painter or just better with technique? if i am better with technique does that allow my mind to freely go to that place where the creative process resides? how does one become more creative? maybe there will be answers for these types of questions in the future. maybe some of you have some opinions.

P.S. the Third Encaustic Conference is this weekend. congrats to all who made it possible-especially Joanne-and i hope to see you all next year.