Wednesday, August 26, 2009


my desire to keep up with this blog got side-tracked by my computer being in the hottest room of the house and more importantly by all the painting i needed to do for my solo show. i thought i was so very organized and prepared but as time zoomed by i got side-tracked. side-tracked by a very different series of work combining encaustic with photography. many artists i have talked with recognize this phenomenon. the timing is terrible but the outcome can be great. you have your planned show to complete but your head is filled with this new stuff you want to investigate but there is not enough time to switch the whole thing over. so i did 5 paintings with the new combination and am now back to finishing my show. i still have a large painting to do, photos to take, titles-i better get to it-the show hangs next week.

Encaustic and mixed media paintings by Nash Hyon
Sept. 5-Oct.1, 2009
Reception-Sunday Sept. 13 from 4-6:00pm
Silvermine Guild Arts Center
New Canaan, CT
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