Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Process Page Picks

where do they come from, how are they realized? ideas. as a visual artist i am always curious how artists in other fields get ideas, create. there are two , current although very different documentaries now on DVD that show the creative process. It Might Get Loud puts The Edge, Jack White and Jimmy Page together in the same studio where they reflect, share ideas and jam. different generations, different outcomes but wonderful to listen to and experience their shared passion.
music is accessible to all, haute couture is not but in Valentino-The Last Emperor we get to view a passion for creating fashion for 45 years. how many dresses, gowns is that? from sketch to runway, stitching by hand to hair do's, private jets and yachts, ending with Valentino's 45 year retrospective, an event complete with fireworks. the future of haute couture may be limited and most probably don't care but this documentary gives us a glimpse at a very rarefied world and if you have ever tried sewing...sequins anyone.

"An idea is salvation by imagination" Frank Lloyd Wright

Friday, September 4, 2009

Exhibition photos

my show is up! (not the lighting yet). nerves, would it come together, all that stuff. thank you roger. there are six three foot square paintings and 24 twelve inch square paintings. here are a few shots. please take a look if in the area, the show is up through oct. 1.