Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Subjects: British

i am always on the lookout for shows that feature artists from other countries. the Neuberger Museum of Art, part of SUNY, in Purchase, NY (right across the Ct border) has a good one titled British Subjects:Identity and Self-Fashioning 1967-2009. the show focuses upon several themes: how Britain has been changing as a country; different ways of expressing the self; and the eternal question "Who am I?". these themes are further broken down into categories such as family pictures, self-portraits by another and staged selves. many different media and techniques are used and there is informative text to go with the work. the show ends on december 13.
while there take a look at the new acquisitions show in the back room. some names i didn't recognize but many are familiar and there is one of the Starn twins photo/encaustic works along with one of their distressed/taped photos. usually i find most of their work pretty engaging but not that particular one-see what you think.