Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take a Seat, Don't Speak

art exhibits don't often get much press or TV coverage but you've probably heard about this one. look but don't touch. OMG! you have to walk between two people who are naked! but you really don't-there is another doorway but that's how the media hype works. and they loved to report on the 30 year MOMA member who lost his membership after not keeping his hands to himself. there is the hype then there is the art. what one sees first is a woman in black, sitting still at a table in MOMA's huge atrium surrounded by movie lights. she is looking at the person across from her not moving or speaking. and that person could be you if you have the patience to stand in line and agree to be videotaped. "The Artist is Present", Marina Abramovic's retrospective through May 31 is thought provoking, difficult and perhaps too much all at once. but have a look, take a seat-be present. it makes you think.
coming up-the Starn Twins bamboo construction on the MET's roof. guided tours will be possible but don't wear your heels!