Friday, May 28, 2010

Rubber soles

now that it finally feels like summer put your rubber soled shoes on and take a hike to the met's roof garden and enjoy big bamboo. and since you have the required shoes you can walk up into this installation created by the Starn Twins, usually known for their photography. will be reporting next from the 4th Encaustic Conference, see you there.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Will it Melt?

a red Rothko, an Andy self- portrait & and a Johns flag are all estimated to be selling in the multi-million dollar range in current auctions. Johns's flag (1960-1966-i work like this too), estimate 10-15 million is described as "...a particularly vibrant image, painted in Mr. Johns signature encaustic, an ancient technique in which pigment in suspended in wax, giving each brush stroke a distinct materiality." does your work display a distinct materiality? and how are your sales doing? the economy seems to be approving-at least around here-but all these problems in europe, in the gulf, i just don't know. many people will watch the auctions to grade the art market. and does it help the rest of us encaustic painters when a Johns encaustic painting goes for record prices? somehow i don't think anyone at Christie's is going to ask "will it melt".