Friday, July 2, 2010

10 Years Old

on my web site is a series called the genome project. they are 12" x 12" encaustic paintings on panel that use the letters of the genome-ATCG-and other imagery to reflect upon what makes us us -human.
this week the decoding (or mapping) of the complete human genome is celebrating its 10th anniversary. it is our DNA instruction book where only 1/2% difference in the code creates our uniqueness.
you might say "so what"? but very likely, within the next 3-4 years your map/book will be read for less than $1000.00 and within the next 10 years it will be a part of our medical records.
hopefully advances in predictions, prevention and cures will also grow at an even faster pace. it was also announced this week that a group of scientists think they have found the genes for longevity. how does being 100 years old sound? still creating art?
for further info check out Spencer Wells at the National Geographic Genome site.