Thursday, July 31, 2014

parrish art museum and more

had the recent opportunity to visit south hampton and in particular the new parrish art museum and the international art fair "art southhampton". both quite impressive for different reasons: the design of the parrish is very interesting using only three materials with beautiful gallery spaces and the fair exhibited a wide variety of work and techniques. somewhat disappointing- the only encaustic work that i saw was at the museum and is by michelle stuart. any thoughts on this?

parrish art museum, south hampton

encaustic by michelle stuart

Monday, July 7, 2014

hot wax in july

i have an introduction to encaustic painting on july 19th at the silver mine arts center. working with encaustic in the summer heat can be a lot of fun since we can fuse our work by letting the sun's rays heat the surface instead of fusing with a heat gun. it helps to work on several pieces at a time since while  one is fusing you can work on another and keep switching them back and forth. hope you give it  a try. and just like a black car in the summer absorbs more heat than a white one so will a dark colored painting fuse more quickly.
by the way if you haven't seen sigmar polke's show at moma the show is probably a once in a lifetime chance to see this master of materials range of work from the 60's right thru until his passing.