Saturday, December 20, 2014

33 Artists in 3 Acts

if you have any time to read over the holidays or are looking for a book about art as a gift you might want to check out "33 artists in 3 acts" by sarah thornton.  thornton is also the author of the best selling "seven days in the art world". she seems to know everyone and really gets around. this new book is divided into three sections with fairly short narratives on a number of different artists and their art. the only artist that has used encaustic in his work is francis alys although i think this is mostly in mixed media collage type creations. one of the questions thornton  likes to ask each artist is "what is an artist?" and like in any mix of people some artists are more eloquent than others.  their words might encourage you to think of your own creative process and what it means to you and others.

best wishes for the new year, keep on creating!